More often than not we are neglecting our bodies because of life’s busyness or just plain laziness. Don’t let that get in the way of reaching your highest well being. These days you have plenty of choices and opportunity to get into the practice of yoga – some of those choices are at your local studio, right at home, online, one on one with an instructor, at a retreat, or with friends and family hosting a private party. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. Practice yoga, learn the basics, go at your own pace, challenge yourself. While doing yoga you are essentially practicing self-care and you cater to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit.

Here are a couple of ways I can help you with your practice:

One on One Lessons

I offer private yoga lessons for all ages and all levels. It has been proven that when you work one on one with the right instructor, your learning and practice is accelerated. Each lesson is tailored to fit your personal needs and goals whether you’re just starting your yoga journey or you’re an on going practitioner looking to deepen your practice. I customize your one on one lesson according to what you want and to your pace. My goal is to inspire, motivate, and challenge you to achieve your highest well being through yoga.

Leave a message for more details on pricing, times, and schedule to book your in person one on one yoga lessons.

Online Lessons

Not in the South Florida area? Not a problem.  I also offer online one on one lessons to help you discover your core desires, remove your voice of fear, guide you through a meditation practice, and teach you the basics on how to improve your yoga practice right at home where you are most comfortable. Yoga online can include pranayama exercises, a guided meditation, and a personalized routine made just for you to practice with at home.

Leave a message for more details on pricing, times, and schedule to book an online one on one yoga lesson.