The Modern Rules of Creating a Yoga Space

The Modern Rules of Creating a Yoga Space

Are you finding you feel miserable while working and sweating your butt off? Are you striving to have it all but end up frustrated, exhausted, and guilt-ridden?  Do you find exercise to be a chore? Do you struggle with bad eating habits because of how “busy” you are? Do you plan at-home exercise routines only to realize you’ve run out of time in your day to complete them? –Then I’m glad you’re here because this yoga program might just be the perfect solution.

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STEP 1: Create bulletproof goals

STEP 2: Compartmentalize your life.

Today we are getting into STEP 3: Create a distraction free yoga zone.

Why yoga?  Because yoga is life.


Not convinced? How about these answer then… Because the practice of yoga strengthens and relaxes the mind for optimum concentration. Yoga relieves the day-to-day tensions most people carry in the neck and upper back area. (After a long, stressful day the best thing we can do for our body and mind is to stretch and breath out the uneasiness.) Yoga flows and poses regulate the breathing and focus the mind on and off the mat. Yoga asanas increase control of emotions, help to cure depression, insomnia, and mental sluggishness. With yoga the ability to remain still, centered, and alert will increase. And yoga can create a feeling of exhilaration!

Yoga is for the people who aren’t afraid to spend time loving and caring for themselves. I have found that throwing myself into the practice of yoga and dedicating one hour each day to a present practice is therapeutic. Yoga is my best stress-busting activity! It is what I need to do to de-stress, get over drama, get through the traffic rages, and not flip out on every person that gets on my nerves. It is what keeps me grounded and centered even in unexpected situations. If this is all my practice accomplished it would be enough for me. But yoga also keeps me fit, toned, and healthy inside and out!

The key to consistency is to clear out obstacles that prevent you from living your most healthy, happy, productive life. A while back I gave a couple pointers on how to set the mood. Read here!

Part of the practice is physical but the main part is mental. The greatest barriers you have to overcome are hesitation and laziness. Luckily, creating a distraction free yoga zone will help with both. To direct or redirect your thoughts is a constant daily chore, that’s why it’s important to follow the steps below to get your mind and body in the zone.

Create a distraction free yoga zone:


This is my personal yoga space.


  1. Open space. Remember: You are going to be moving around– flowing, standing, lying down, sitting, stretching, inverting. Make sure you have enough space to move around freely, openly, and joyfully. If you are not sure how much space is enough space, try laying down with wide open arms to determine the amount of width needed.  Then stand at the front of your mat and make sure there’s nothing within arms reach. You don’t want to bump your head as you go into a forward fold!

    FullSizeRender (2)

  2. Quiet space. Try your best to cut out background noise. Turn off your tv, netflix, ipad, or cell phone. Turn off ALL technology unless you are using it for your practice. If possible, practice without your kids, brother, sister, roommate, or spouse in the room. More often than not they will distract you if they are around.


  1. IMG_3099

    Keep as many props as you need around your yoga space. It always helps to have these things near so that you don’t have to interrupt the practice you already started.

    Clean space. Cleanliness coincides with purity. You will feel this intuitively as keeping an organized and clean space have a strong influence on the sub-conscious mind.

  1. Comfortable space. To make your space more comfortable add some pillows, a blanket, a bolster, or a block. All are great for support. Start your practice slowly and with a comforting ritual. This can include lighting candles, burning incense, or playing soft, meditative music before you begin your practice.



Consistency is the name of the game. Aim to be consistent and persistent. It takes
discipline to get on your mat and practice day after day. So practice fully, humbly, and joyfully when you get there. Don’t ask questions or over think what you might be doing wrong. Just do the practice the best way you know how.  And little by little, that effort will become progress. The only way to fail is by doing nothing. The practice may not be easy, but in no time…Yoga will help turn your mediocre life into your best life.

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    You are great my love, I like it a lot! What you doing is going to change peaple lives. God bless you! I love you. 😘🙌🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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