How to Create Bulletproof Goals

How to Create Bulletproof Goals

Are you familiar with the old Zen saying that goes–

“The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything.”?

It’s totally true! In other words, a “small steps” approach goes a long way. The things you are doing on a regular basis right now are what will make or break your goals. So let’s start making changes TODAY! Let’s become diligent about combating procrastination. Let’s make it a GOAL to become significantly productive in every area of our lives.

To do this, we need to figure out your WHY’s. Why are you here? Are you kind of interested in yoga? Not really sure if you’re interested? Totally interested? If so, why? Does it sound easy)? What is your physical goal? Are you where you want to be? Are you looking to shed a couple pounds? Maybe more than a couple? Looking to tone up? Strengthen your body? Become more flexible? WHY? Looking for a challenge? Looking for spiritual growth? Why?

Okay, now let’s try to figure out what has been holding you back…

Are you super gung-ho about starting a yoga practice but just can’t seem to find the time? Do you worry you don’t have enough money for yoga classes and a healthy diet? Is your plate already so full with commitments that you can’t even fathom shoving more on your to-do list? Too broke to be healthy? Do you cancel your dedicated me-time to go hang out with your friends instead? Were you planning to start eating better today but you had to attend a birthday dinner, baseball game, wedding? Did the holidays throw you off? Are you letting your responsibilities at work and home get in the way of your health, well-being, and productivity?

If any of the above rings true then this plan is definitely for you!

First, let’s put some effort into recognizing your desires and where those desires come from.

To double your productivity we must figure out what that burning desire is in your gut. So, what is your real, honest-to-goodness GOAL? Productivity tip-Create bulletproof goals

Fix in your mind the exact goal you desire. This desire should be SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE (realistic), and CHALLENGING enough for you to achieve the drive to follow through. The goal needs to excite you SO MUCH that you do the work yourself. Your health and well-being is not something you can outsource. The only person that can improve your health and well-being is you.


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  1. My goal is to be able to ___________________________________

by __________________________.

  1. My goal is to have ______________________________________

by _______________________.

  1. My goal is to advance in _________________________________

by _____________________.

  1. My goal is to be _______________________________________

by _____________________.


Keep in mind: The number one mistake people make is they don’t make their goals specific enough. They say things like, “My goal is to be more flexible” “My goal is to find time for yoga” “My goal is to cook more at home”. None of these are specific, measurable, or even exciting enough for you to actually want to do. You might as well throw a penny in a wishing well, because wishing will not bring you results.

What works?


  • Knowing exactly what you want.

  • Writing your goal down with precise details.

  • Reading your goal everyday until you start forming a habit.

  • Getting an accountability partner and telling that person about your very specific goal.


That last step is a big one! As humans, we don’t want to lose face. We don’t ever want to be seen as a fraud or weak. If you’re like me, keeping your word on something is EVERYTHING. When I tell someone I’m going to do something, I DO IT. And that’s what having an accountability partner is all about. It is putting your promise out into the universe so that you go through with it instead of coming up with an excuse.


Let me give you an example of this unfolding in my own life. I was supposed to go to Peru with my parents and my sister this summer. But it turns out my family can’t make it and I have to go by myself. I could have cancelled my trip and saved it for another year. I could have asked for a refund, I had insurance. But, I had written it down on my iPhone notes, in my journal, and I told friends and family that I was planning to hike up those mountains in Peru. I’ve had this goal set in my heart since last summer when I visited Argentina and told myself that Peru was next. I had this goal in my heart when I told my parents and friends that I had a strong desire to go hiking in Peru. I had this goal written by New Year’s Eve in bold as a MUST DO for summer 2016. I invited family and friends by letting them know exactly what my plans were with hopes that maybe they’d want to join…but they couldn’t. And that did not stop me. I had my heart set on a goal and one week from now I’ll be hiking up Macchu Picchu.


This is not to say that achieving your goals will be easy. You WILL have days where reading your end goal won’t be enough, you will have days that will throw you off, and maybe you won’t even want to read it anymore. Some days it might be easy for you to put in a lot of work, and other times it will be extremely hard to even get off the couch and get started. But with a system in place we can train our willpower to align with our goals.

The system below is a step-by-step routine that will help you with practical planning in order to enhance your chances of getting things done.

What habit do you need to form in order to achieve your goal? Lucky for you, you won’t have to over think this one. I have designed the steps you need to take so that your habits become part of your end goal. The end goal is always important to keep in mind especially on days when you feel like forfeiting. If you are working on getting to the bottom of your gut desire then you are already headed in the direction.

STEP 1: Create bulletproof goals (see above).

STEP 2: Compartmentalize your life

STEP 3: Create a distraction free yoga zone

STEP 4: Create a distraction free work zone

STEP 5: Create healthy food habits

STEP 6: Create a system to stay active

STEP 7: Stick to your sleeping schedule

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