Help Me and Get Free Resources

Help Me and Get Free Resources

Help Me and Get Free Resources

I use yoga as a tool to curb over-thinking, stress, stiffness in the body after a long day, and as a way to keep myself fit, limber, and strong. I don’t aspire to be a full time yoga teacher. I don’t aspire to work at a studio or even lead a room full of people into the practice of yoga (Kudos to those that do!) For me, yoga is a solution, an outlet, a way to connect body to breath. It’s not my primary profession or my only focus. For those of you new around here, I’m an elementary school teacher. I spend the greatest percentage of my day concentrating on that profession, as well as growing the business side of Laskmyoga.

I am currently using yoga as a hobby. I use it to express my love for the practice and to motivate others to begin their own practice. My main goal and purpose in life is to teach. My intention is to teach curious beings about the true union of body, mind, and spirit.

But there are many ways one can teach about this union and the practice of yoga. Writing these blog posts, for one. I also love instructing. I love being in front of a room with objectives and a plan, it feels like having a front row seat for all those “aha” moments. What I love most about the practice of yoga is that it is never ending. There’s always more ways to deepen, to challenge the body and mind, and there’s always new things to learn about our own body, mind, and soul. It is by far the most interesting study I have ever gotten myself into. And since there are always new things to learn…there are always new things to teach! This is why I have this website up and running. I aim to teach what I have learned through direct experience and ongoing study.

I’m not in this yoga business to teach you how to do a handstand. I’m here to teach ways to build a strong core and great balance to get into that handstand. I’m not here to teach you how to float on your arms. I’m here to help you through the frustration when you can’t. I’m here to help you learn more about the anatomy of your own body. I’m here to teach positive thinking and meditation. I’m here to teach about breathing exercises and all the crazy interesting ways they can detox and purify your body without the use of a needle. I’m here to teach you that you can reach your highest potential or infinite intelligence just by practicing in your own living room. I’m here to repeat over and over that you don’t need a single thing, besides a mat, to practice.


Most of all, I aim to lead by example. Because I know it is hard to trust someone’s word unless that person has been there. I know it is hard to balance work, home, family, and a healthy life. I know it gets frustrating. I know because I do experience those moments where it just seems like we don’t have enough time or life’s just passing us by.  There are days where I am in a constant battle with my lazy brain and it wins. There are days where I am anxious about getting through a presentation or a formal observation and I can’t sleep. There are days when I am stressed out from over-thinking. There are days where “Negative Nancy” takes over and I choose to look at the negatives of the day instead of the positives. There are days where all of the above are happening all at once. I am not perfect because I practice yoga. I practice to reduce imperfections and the constant battles I have with my own brain. I practice yoga to alleviate as much as I can from my shoulders. And you can too.

While I prefer not to discuss the details of my work life, know that I plan to include yoga into my schedule even when I’m working 12+ hours days. As such, I’m going to start dedicating a huge part of this blog to personal revelations and positive experiences I have gotten because of my yoga practice. I will focus on how to keep up a fitness schedule when you have a busy work life. I will focus ways to stay motivated when the going gets tough, when I am exhausted, and cranky, and moody. I am determined to teach the SIVANANDA approach of yoga and how, no matter the circumstances, it can help you create a life worth living.

I aim to teach by example.

So, help me to help you! Comment below and let me know what your questions or concerns are right now. How are you making time for health and fitness? How many days a week do you focus on physical fitness? What are you eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner? How are you fueling your mind and body? Are you making time to meditate? Is it hard for you to concentrate when you have a lot going on? How do you focus? I really want to know!

2 thoughts on “Help Me and Get Free Resources

  1. Cliff

    This came right on time! I’m trying to figure out how to balance everything that I do! The questions you asked at the end, I am usually on my game but here lately, I have been khaki’d up (slacking)!
    I focus by planning/ writing things out, then executing the plan.
    Thanks for this post.

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