Learn to Create Healthy Food Habits

Learn to Create Healthy Food Habits

Learn to Create Healthy Food Habits

Eat better - Feel Better

What does food have to do with production levels and mental concentration? Everything. In fact, many jobs require you take a physical examination to make sure your health qualifies you to perform. To this end, what you eat and when you are eating matters. And when you start to think your food habits don’t matter is when you start tip-toeing towards the danger zone. You begin operating with your lower self  instead of your higher self. If there’s anything I want you to take away from this lesson it is this. It is impossible for you to have pure, positive thoughts if you’re feeding your mind impure/unwholesome foods.

We are what we eat. The right foods, in appropriate quantities, at the right time keep us free of bodily problems. This allows our mind to concentrate and the spirit to grow. The purpose of food are the nutritious substances we absorb to maintain life and growth. Food converts to energy. Thus, food is the door to a healthier, productive life.

You can check out other tips I live by HERE. But today we are going over the importance of WHAT and WHEN we eat.

Before we can control our mind, our thoughts, or our concentration levels we must control our physical body. Our physical body operates thanks to the food we eat. This means our diets are a crucial part in reaching contentment and the goal of life (whatever that may be). A diet consisting of “wrong” foods, with unsatisfactory nutrition, overstimulates the body and mind. This diet causes physical and mental stress and brings a RESTLESS state of mind. It destroys the body-mind balance that is essential to happiness, great health, and concentration. Simple, natural, fresh, organically grown, tissue building, Eat better - Feel Better (1)energy producing foods and drinks keep the mind calm, concentrated, pure, and positive.  

I am not a nutritionist, but I am a health advocate. My yoga practice necessitates a proper diet. I live and breathe by these methods. I will never tell someone to do something that I wouldn’t do myself, as I believe in leading by example. Everything I write about and post on social media I believe in wholeheartedly. You may think that genetically I’m pretty lucky- I am 29 years old, 5’5”, 119 pounds. My body looks and feels like I’m still in my early twenties. But, I believe my body and health are a result of my yoga practice and active lifestyle NOT genetic luck. But people like to think otherwise. What these people don’t know is that diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, digestive problems, migraines, unexplained weight gain, thyroid disease, nerve problems, and blood clots ALL run in my own immediate family. If I’m not careful, based on this history, I could be doomed with a life of the same health problems that have affected my family in detrimental ways. Yet, I have been free from any health issues for many, many years. I know I’m still pretty young, but I haven’t needed a doctor since college. I rarely even get sick throughout the year. I believe my food habits are largely to thank.

Eat better - Feel Better (2)I’ve never considered myself to be “on a diet” or following a specific diet. “Diet” is just a noun for the food a person eats habitually. And I can talk about that! So, the key word here is habitually. What we do on a regular basis will affect us in the short and long term. A well-balanced and adequate diet means eating proper foods. It means eating in proper proportion (moderation). It means eating in proper circumstances (timed to fit your lifestyle needs) and with a proper attitude (positive food breeds positive thinking breeds a positive life).


Here are the TOP 5 steps I take to preserve a naturally faster metabolism:


  1. I sleep enough. Our sleeping habits influence our moods, productivity, concentration level, and metabolism. People who are sleep-deprived are generally hungrier, slower, moodier, and less constructive. Think about it like this: less sleep means your organs are working harder for a longer period of time, not leaving them enough room to recharge. The next time you catch yourself sleeping less than 6 hours, try to think about your organs. If you want them to work faster and better, they need to rest.

  2. I drink A LOT of water. I have TRAINED myself to drink more water. How much exactly? Well that varies on a day to day basis. I do however drink more water over juices, over sugary drinks, and especially over soda. In fact, the only time I substitute soda for water is if I’m going to the movies (I love the popcorn/soda movie experience!) or if I’m at a Chinese restaurant (once in a blue moon!). I rarely even buy juice anymore. Our body is 75% water weight, so hydrating with water saves calories and impacts the whole body’s metabolism.

  3. I exercise. Mostly by practicing yoga 3/4 days out of the week, but I also like to swim, run, and play volleyball. Even if I’m traveling, I find ways to stay active. Let’s look at exercising like this: the external affects the internal. Hence, if we are physically active: moving, stretching, exercising, getting stronger, more flexible; our insides are also getting stronger, stretching, moving, flexing, and then opening up to full potential. Being stronger doesn’t mean we all have to look like we are on steroids. It could simply mean that we are working on being able to perform a specific action well and powerfully, just like our organs. The stronger we get by exercising or practicing yoga the stronger our insides get.

  4. I eat moderately. OVEREATING + BINGE EATING is a disease. For some reason in our western world overeating is considered cool. This needs to stop! The secret to being healthy and happy is to eat EXACTLY what your body needs. Overloading on food hinders digestion, assimilation growth, and most of all OVERWORKS the organs making them stressed and susceptible to diseases. How would you feel if you were overworked, without enough rest, and not getting paid what you are worth? I’m pretty sure you would hate it. Well, that’s how your organs feel when you over work them, don’t give them enough rest or space to digest, and don’t feed them properly. You’re welcome to use this CHECKLIST to help keep yourself on track.


  5. I eat at fixed times. I eat when I’m hungry, that means I eat three meals a day with a snack between lunch and dinner. Researchers and my Sivananda yoga teacher training manual have concluded that “the amount of time food remains in the stomach varies from one to four hours. It strongly depends on the nature of the food and the method employed in the cooking.” Making our digestive system a well-run machine. I know exactly at what time I’m going to get hungry throughout the day, and so I eat during those times. Every day.  As a result, my digestive system works more efficiently, my metabolism runs faster, and I don’t give in to false hunger. We are susceptible to false hunger when we see food in commercials, ads, the ice cream truck down the street, a friend eating something we like, a picture in a magazine, food on an Instagram post, etc. We are creatures who are constantly bombarded with stimuli. But with this “Guide to a better metabolism” you can TRAIN yourself to eat at fixed times and avoid the false hunger that often creeps up. 

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