Double Your Productivity: A Series on Mastering #yogativity

Double Your Productivity: A Series on Mastering #yogativity

The world changes so fast it can start to feel like you’re in a never-ending game of catch up. You may never feel like you’re gaining enough traction to succeed. I totally feel you on this one. Most days it feels like I’m not doing enough; like I should constantly be doing more. I feel like I should read more, take more courses, write more, practice more yoga, teach more classes, gain more clients, focus more on meditation, save more money, travel more, market more, and the list can goes on and on. But where do I find the time? The frustrations come in heavy when my brain overloads with more more more. These sort of annoying thoughts are also known as doubt. Doubt is always showing up to the party uninvited. You see, our egos love it when we fill up our mind with self-doubt. It grows stronger that way. The minute I forget about the big picture, and let doubt rule the roost, is the minute I stop being productive, procrastinate, and my to-do list piles up.


I have come to the conclusion that successful people know how to stay ahead by focusing on the right mindset. With this idea in mind, let’s unpack a popular buzzword. Productivity. I have learned that a regular practice of Sivananda yoga allows for productivity, and for ideas to materialize from within. Sivanada yoga helps you train yourself to manage different challenges. For instance- it can help you appreciate contradictory perspectives, increase the quality of work you’re producing, understand your co-workers better, and increase your creative potential, all while maintaining your health.


If you find yourself growing lazy with far too much frequency or you allow doubt to stay at your party for too long causing a decline in productivity then this training is perfect for you. Let me introduce you to proven strategies and tools that allow you to still indulge in leisure activities while also accomplishing the work you need to do. This practice is about clearing out your doubts. We’ll talk about how to “backspace” fears, hesitations, and self-doubt to get your mind focused and producing. This practice will dramatically increase your productivity and help you accomplish everyday tasks twice as fast! I will break down how to add structure to your everyday life while preserving your health and wellbeing. Small steps go a long way. Setting a structure for every aspect of your life enhances the chance of getting things done. It will give you more time for the things that truly matter to you. You will learn to organize, prioritize, and manage your daily tasks and duties by following the steps below.

The requirements are simple:

·      Start with an open mind

·      Commit yourself to being productive

·      Follow ALL the steps

This structure is broken down into 7 steps:

STEP 1: Create bulletproof goals

STEP 2: Compartmentalize your life

STEP 3: Create a distraction free yoga zone

STEP 4: Create a distraction free work zone

STEP 5: Create healthy food habits

STEP 6: Create a system to stay active

STEP 7: Stick to your sleeping schedule

Please be advised that occasional efforts here and there will be of no value. The structure should be followed four or five days a week, typically during work days, every week until it becomes automatic. You want it to become a mindful habit. The entire structure involves implementing the five principles of Sivananda yoga as a way to double your productivity while preserving your health, wealth, and wellbeing. The yoga system is the product of a healthy body and mind.

By following this exact structure and choosing to work on my mental, spiritual, and physical growth I have noticed positive changes in all areas of my life. I love everything that I do. I have learned to enjoy even the mundane stuff in my everyday life and my workload. I love the way my body feels throughout the day, I love that I have more control over my flow of thoughts (a work in progress). I love that I am creating and writing more. I love that I’m creating a time and space to have a relationship with God and the man I have chosen to spend my life with. Sure, I had to make little changes here and there, but the Sivananda approach has made me more self-disciplined and all around better.

Until next time…


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Practice Yoga. Be at peace. Be present. 

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