Cracking the New Year Resolution Code

Cracking the New Year Resolution Code

Cracking the New Year Resolution Code

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about creativity this year it is this: In order for anything to “come”, to flow, to inspire a rhythm… you must first take action. You must do something. Doing nothing at all means exactly that. Nothing happens. Zip. Zilch. Car stays in park.


Today, I sat for a while. Not concentrated, just sort of hoping for a topic to come up. But, nothing came. I sat some more, still not putting all my focus towards the task at hand, just flipping through pretty images on social media. And I kept asking myself the same question. “What should I write about today? Come out, come out, come out. Oh, why won’t the words flow!?” Then all of a sudden it dawned on me. I hadn’t really DONE anything with my day yet. I didn’t practice, I didn’t read anything thoroughly. I didn’t play with my camera. I didn’t attempt to rewrite anything or edit or get involved in a meaningful way. So, nothing was happening.

 Do nothing…and nothing happens.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes doing nothing is a-okay. Sometimes clinging to comfort and warmth and good food is all our little heart desires or craves. And if that’s the case, make sure you make that happen for yourself. But today, that wasn’t my intention. I was feeling sore from the week’s practice and decided to wait for motivation to strike. I would just get productive when I was feeling it. But the feeling of “feeling it” never came.

I sat on my chair and did nothing. An hour went by and there wasn’t a single word on my page, not a single idea, not a single topic I could brainstorm about. And with that a lingering feeling of disappointment started to approach because I felt as if my entire evening was wasted. But then I decided to move from where I was sitting and another thing clicked. I realized as I moved that when I get up and START, when I practice yoga, dabble in photography, or get into the pages of a book, the ideas start to flow. I start FEELING IT.

So you see, waiting for inspiration to happen leaves you doing just that. Waiting. Today’s message for 2017 is this, stop giving yourself excuses and make inspiration meet you halfway. Whether you have fitness, health, or yoga goals. There will be days where you just won’t feel like it. (Or days where, like me, you’ll wait around for some magic feeling that never comes.) But it’s important to understand that the reward is in the work itself. Not in the waiting around, not in the easy parts of the workout, not on the days you feel like it. The reward comes on the days where you push a little further to get things done, even when you felt like you didn’t have it in you. The reward comes when we let go of the fantasies, the expectations, the worrying, the doubting, and the pressure. untitled-design-3

This is for any beginner waiting for the perfect time to get started. This is for anyone in a rut. This is for anyone who feels like they’re lacking motivation. This is my 2017 message!

Don’t think… Do!

Don’t overanalyze… Breathe!

Don’t wait… Practice!

… and it will happen.

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