Osteoporosis is a medical condition in which bones become fragile and brittle from a loss of tissue, a typical side effect of the hormonal changes that accompany aging as well as deficiencies in Calcium or Vitamin D. The National Institutes of Health estimates that 10 million Americans have osteoporosis and 80% are women. So, it’s clear that being female puts one at greater risk of this condition (Yikes!) but let’s explore some other factors. After 30 years of age, both men and women reach maximum bone mass, making age a factor, too. A low body weight, wherein there’s not enough muscle to protect the bones, can also cause osteoporosis. And finally, smoking can increase the likelihood of this medical condition.

Our bones aren’t dead or static. Our bones grow, change, and adapt depending on the demand we put on them. Each bone is a living organ, receiving rich supplies of blood.

Within each of your bones is a soft, fatty substance nestled in the cavities where blood cells are produced, creating strength and vitality. When suffering from osteoporosis, minerals and collagen are zapped from the bone tissue, reducing the volume and strength of each bone. However, many doctors argue that the best protection against this condition is a daily yoga practice. A regular yoga practice, coupled with weight bearing exercises and a healthy, plant-based diet can go a long ways in helping to keep your bones strong!

15 Yoga poses that strengthen bones and increase bone density

  1. Warrior I
  2. Chair pose
  3. Cobra or Sphinx
  4. Tree pose
  5. Locust pose
  6. Bridge pose
  7. Camel pose
  8. Half spinal twist or alligator twist
  9. Triangle pose
  10. Side angle pose
  11. Revolved triangle pose
  12. Half moon pose
  13. Reclining leg stretch
  14. Downward dog
  15. Warrior II
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Warrior I

Benefits of Yoga Poses - <? $m['name']; ?>
Chair pose

Benefits of Yoga Poses - <? $m['name']; ?>
Cobra or Sphinx

Benefits of Yoga Poses - <? $m['name']; ?>
Tree pose

Benefits of Yoga Poses - <? $m['name']; ?>
Locust pose

Benefits of Yoga Poses - <? $m['name']; ?>
Bridge pose

Benefits of Yoga Poses - <? $m['name']; ?>
Camel pose

Benefits of Yoga Poses - <? $m['name']; ?>
Half spinal twist or alligator twist

Benefits of Yoga Poses - <? $m['name']; ?>
Triangle pose

Benefits of Yoga Poses - <? $m['name']; ?>
Downward dog

Benefits of Yoga Poses - <? $m['name']; ?>
Warrior II

Benefits of Yoga Poses - <? $m['name']; ?>
Half moon pose

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