Concentration – The action or power of focusing one’s attention or mental effort on something–on a goal, on a play, on a sport, on writing, on studying, on working, on cooking, on… living.

This wonderful mental ability is not an extraordinary gift reserved for just a few, it is in everyone’s ability. Simply, we must learn to FOCUS the mind. But this can take a great deal of effort. Mental Concentration = Mental POWER; meaning- better at work, better results, perhaps a better lifestyle with less stress, less pressure, less tension in the mind, body, and soul.

The ability to FOCUS is part of a person’s essence. However, these days it seems we are finding it harder and harder to concentrate on work, life goals, or even personal relationships. When the mind is constantly in a state of over-thinking or worry, i.e. a lack of focus; it can result in anxiety, discontent, and a general uneasiness about personal and professional life.

Conversely, when the mind is fully concentrated, time passes unnoticed. The idea of time becomes unimportant. Instead, the fully focused mind feels invincible. This focus can be achieved by shutting out all thoughts that don’t speak to the present, only letting in the thoughts that need your attention at this very moment.

Distractions – A person or thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to what needs to be completed, accomplished, delivered, or fulfilled.

To be fully concentrated one must be fully PRESENT! To be present is to LIVE. Practicing yoga embodies the very essence of being present and sharpens the mind so that you can see yourself and your reality clearly. Practicing yoga requires you to be alert and perceptive, while feeling and connecting to your body. The action of holding a pose for a long period of time, or moving your body in challenging ways, demands your mind and body to connect and exist in the NOW…to focus.

Holding yoga poses can play a big part in developing concentration. In order to balance a pose one must use body and mental strength along with focusing on a specific item, thing, or even a body part to hold a steady pose. Here are a few poses to help you get started on your path to concentration…


14 Yoga poses for mental concentration

  1. Shoulder-stand
  2. headstand
  3. forward fold
  4. standing forward fold
  5. lotus or sukhasana (meditative seated pose)
  6. halasana
  7. tree pose
  8. crow or crane pose
  9. eagle pose
  10. warrior III pose
  11. lord of the dance pose
  12. wide legged forward bend
  13. Peacock pose
  14. forearm-stand

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