Did you know that your heart is at the epicenter of a complex network of tributaries which make up your circulatory system? Yup! The circulatory system is comprised of your heart and all the many blood vessels which work to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout your whole body. A breakdown in this important process, by way of less blood flow in a certain area of the body can impede proper blood circulation. Problems with the circulatory system can be attributed to a number of health conditions; such as obesity, diabetes, arterial disease, high blood pressure, or heart problems. Left untreated over an extended period of time, poor blood circulation can lead to numbness, nerve damage, tingling sensations, and tissue damage. Sometimes lack of blood circulation can even result in a stroke. Scary stuff!

Thankfully, it’s possible to increase blood circulation throughout the entire body with the help of yoga asanas and yoga breathing techniques. The benefits to healthy blood circulation are plentiful. By creating a greater flow of nutrients and an easier path for the removal of waste, better blood circulation leads to an improved immune system, increased energy, better digestion, and enhanced tissue recovery.

Remember: your circulatory system is in charge of delivering oxygen throughout your body! Oxygen is not only important for healthy muscles, it’s also vital for proper brain function. And if that weren’t reason enough to love oxygen, ALL your internal organs see marked improvement in functionality when provided with an increased amount of oxygen.

Thus; a strong, intelligent, and well-functioning body is dependent upon a healthy circulatory system.

12 Yoga Poses that help to improve blood circulation

  1. Easy pose with deep breathing techniques
  2. Mountain Pose
  3. Legs up the wall pose
  4. Fish pose
  5. Plough pose
  6. Shoulderstand pose
  7. Downward dog
  8. Inclined plane pose
  9. seated half twist pose
  10. Pigeon pose
  11. Supported headstand and tripod headstand
  12. Scorpion/forearm-stands

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