Individuals going through yoga teacher training, in order to become a Yogi Master, are given a blueprint designed to enlighten and awaken to one’s true purpose.

It is said, you will never understand the source of your real power, influence, or purpose in life unless you can awaken to it. The first lesson students are taught is the true aim of yoga – which is the attainment of one’s truth. This truth is where you may develop the consciousness of the real “I” within yourself. In this way, the yogi is taught to feel the power within and the power of the supreme spirit. A yogi is taught to not be complacent; to strive, to learn, to yearn, to become aware of the REAL SELF until it becomes part of the yogi’s every day being. A yogi is taught to become consciously mindful, to know there is more than the everyday “busy” that is life.

To grow//to love//to heal//to teach//to inspire//to influence//to guide//to be GREAT.

The Masters teach that there are two forms of enlightenment. The first is learning about the ‘self’, the ‘me’, the ‘I’… the ‘WHO AM I?’, ‘WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?’, ‘WHY AM I HERE?’ Questions we all ask ourselves but most of the time can’t grasp or even answer. It is recognizing who you really are, as a soul, as a spirit, and without identification of body, things, or relationships that is key to this first type of enlightenment. It is knowing who you really are for yourself, not for anyone else.

Some people realize or awaken to their powers early on in life or sometimes faster than those around them. Those who are awakened carry a certain aura, it’s almost as if you can sense their power when you are around them. It is their energy, their way of being. You want to be around those people in hopes that some of their goodness will rub off on you and so that you will feel powerful too. They know who they are. They carry confidence. They know that the greatness inside of them doesn’t mean they are greater, better, or above you. It simply means they have reached this stage of greatness.

Man conquers the world by conquering himself.

Each individual has the ability and opportunity to experience their truth and consciously realize who he/she really is. As mentioned, for some people it happens fairly quickly in life, for others it happens gradually, and for some others they have chosen YOGA to help with the process. Yoga provides practical and scientific approaches to finding and experiencing the truth from within.


One of the many ways to become enlightened and go deeper into awakening one’s soul is by practicing meditation. Meditation is thinking deeply or focusing one’s mind in silence. Meditating isn’t necessarily a skill that can be taught. It requires willpower, commitment, and daily practice. It is often considered the most challenging aspect of yoga as it requires you to stop thinking, still the mind, and enter a silent space. You only experience meditation when you are truly ready.


A yogi practices positive, or proper, thinking by practicing meditation. Existing in complete silence with no distractions but your own mind is actually the sixth limb of Raja Yoga, also known as Dharana. Dharana, which means concentration, calls for 100% focus on the present and the self. While the seventh limb of Raja Yoga is Dhyana, which means meditation.

Yoga is all about controlling your mind and your senses to achieve greatness or better yet, SAMADHI-the super conscious state and the final stage of the eight limbs of RAJA YOGA. This is where union with the divine is reached. SAMADHI represents the goal of all existence. 

Practice yoga. Practice meditation. Practice positive thinking.

As such, I encourage you to initiate a meditation practice. First, just stop what you are doing. Put your phone on “airplane mode” for ten minutes. Ten minutes of your time today. That’s all. Move to a quiet place or a room where you won’t be interrupted. Withdraw all distractions so that your mind feels at rest. If a quiet place is unavailable for you at the moment just do the best you can wherever you are. The idea is to be alone, in communion with yourself, for TEN minutes.

Meditation may prove challenging at first. But don’t worry, with daily practice you will get better at controlling your mind and senses.

Use this easy 5-step meditation exercise to help guide you.

Remember, you are in control. You are endless. Your possibilities are limitless both in your external and internal world.

  • 5-step meditation practice
  • Place yourself in an easy seated position on a mat so that you are relaxed and free from tension in your body.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Begin by mentally telling yourself to relax, soften your muscles, and focus on your breath.
  • Pay attention to the presence of your inhales and your exhales for a moment. Relax your body and calm your mind.
  • Repeat “OM” as you exhale for ten minutes. (If this is uncomfortable for you, don’t worry there are other solutions) Another option for you can be to repeat your own name for ten minutes. Whatever works and keeps your mind still, DO IT!

Practice meditation. Be at peace. Be present.


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