IMG_0176Beyond your aging body, ever-changing mind, and proclaimed-“self,” there is an infinite spirit waiting to be awakened and developed. Most people will go through life suffering from feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, and lack of ambition because they don’t spend enough time developing their mind, strengthening their spirit, and opening up their soul. Samadhi will allow you to connect with the infinite intelligence of your being. This is where you tune in. It is where you gather and receive inspirations and hunches. It is where you create and imagine new ideas. With practice, this super-conscious, source-connecting, formless-spirit will automatically work for you. Yet, to reach this state of mindfulness takes constant work. You have to put in the hours, the sweat, and your heart into your practice. Once the full practice has been established and has become part of your daily life, your being will become more alert. You will become more receptive to vibrations and your own higher frequency.

Using the five principles of yoga will help strengthen your body, mind, and lifestyle. These principles are an ancient step-by-step guide towards a life changing, blissful, evolution. If you are reading this today, I’m going to assume you are here because you are trying to evolve and adapt your lifestyle with these methods.

The first step is to become familiar with the theories of the practice. That’s why I like to go on and on about the philosophy of yoga when I’m teaching. The theories must come first. Then, you put the theory into action by including the entire spectrum of yoga lifestyle, not just the physical exercises. Practice pranayama, practice asana, practice with a proper diet. Practice physical, mental, and spiritual relaxation. Practice meditation and positive thinking. The key to a successful, beautiful, adventurous, happy life are within these principles. Heaven can be established right here on earth. YOU are capable of creating it.
Below you’ll find a list of ten things super-conscious people do differently. You may find you’re already in this caliber. You may find you are living a fairly conscious life but you have a few pieces of the puzzle missing. Start with where you are today. Examine what you need to work on to improve your health, success, and well-being...

10 things super-conscious people do differently

  • They have a prayer/meditation practice. Super-conscious people have the capability to produce vibrations in the physical world by praying and meditating. It is through meditation that one can attain the highest knowledge of the self and grow into the divine state. Super-conscious people start and/or end their day meditating and praying, and have a specific time and place for this practice. Super-conscious people believe that meditating gives them control of intuitional knowledge, and opens life to cosmic love. It is through meditation that one can experience bliss, liberation, and the unity of body, mind, and soul.

  • They sleep 7/8 hours a day. Super-conscious people make sure to include enough time for rest and relaxation, not just in their physical practice, but in their daily night’s rest as well.  Sleeping the appropriate amount of hours is an important indicator of a person’s health, well-being, and a good professional/personal life balance. Without adequate rest, you won’t be focused or willing to handle the day’s work. This will detract from your present moment. Super-conscious people have trained themselves to live for the present.


  • They exercise and have an active lifestyle. Super-conscious people see the physical body as a tool for gaining control of the mind. They see the body as something that must be developed to work alongside all other aspects of one’s self (mind, spirit). They understand that physical exercise is vital for good health, flexible body, and decreased stress levels. Super-conscious people make time, no matter what- for physical exercises, cardio, sports, or recreational activities that allow their bodies to move, stretch, work-out, and become stronger.

  • They have a greater sense of self-awareness, body-awareness, and understanding. In other words, super-conscious people know who they are, they have developed powers of thinking and reasoning, they have the ability to control their feelings and emotions, and use their higher thinking powers for gratification. Super-conscious people focus on self-mastery, and are able to feel an influx of strength and power inside.

  • They have a clear purpose and goal.  Anyone who aims above mediocrity with explicit, definite goals is a super-conscious, ambitious person. Super-conscious people are not indifferent about their purpose in life; they want to get ahead, they are intrinsically motivated, and are willing to work for what they want. They tackle these goals, and are working to create a life full of fulfillments.

  • They are resourceful. Super-conscious people don’t make excuses, depend on victimization, or rely on favorable “breaks.” They find a way to work with what they have and with what they know. When the chips are down, they don’t complain about the negatives; they’re focused on making things happen. They have the WILL TO WIN and “luck” is not in their vocabulary.

  • They spend time on personal development. Super-conscious people are “self-made,” they never stop learning, and are always looking for ways to increase their mental capacities and their craft. They are forever seeking and acquiring more knowledge in their field, business, or purpose. They are making time to read and study. They have a mentor or a coach to help them with the things they can’t seem to get on their own.

  • They take responsibility for their karma, their own actions. Super-conscious people don’t believe in blind chance, luck, or accidents. They believe in the existential law of cause and effect, law of attraction, law of continuity, law of gravitation, the law of action and reaction. Everyone has their own karma (action), and those actions bring rewards and/or punishments. They don’t blame their circumstances on other people, on their environment, or on their childhood. And with that comes peace of mind, because they understand that everything happens for a reason.

  • They eat mindfully. Super-conscious people are masters of the “self” and of their minds, they don’t become slaves to their habits or emotions. I don’t think it gets stressed enough that your success depends on your health. Overeating and lazy-eating means a lack of self-control; and discipline comes through self-control. Before you can control your external world, you must be able to control your internal world. That goes hand in hand with the food you’re taking in.  Super-conscious people eat plant based, consisting of pure, simple, natural foods that are easily digested and rich in nutrients.

  • They are intensely focused on the present moment. Super-conscious people are not worried about the future, stressing about the past, or anxious about things they have no control of.  Super-conscious people are only concerned with that which is happening right now. They are utterly undistracted and alert. They are not day dreamers. They are able to give their full attention to the steps they are taking right now. For the super-conscious staying present is not just a philosophy but imperative for success, health, and well-being. Everything feels more alive, more vibrant, more fresh, more intimate because the only thing that matters is the current. Anxiety, tension, stress, and uneasiness are all forms of fear derived from over thinking; and over thinking causes diseases. Super-conscious people know the present moment is key to liberation, because problems are man-made.

“Awake, arise, and assert yourself, you dreamers of the world.” Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


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