Why practice yoga?

Because yoga helps with building strength, toning muscles, losing weight, and improving flexibility. Because it improves posture, strengthens the spinal column, promotes the flow of blood circulation, and rebalances and restores the entire body. Because it stretches all of your muscles from head-to-toe, and as the ancient proverb says, ‘your body is as young as it is flexible’. Practice yoga because it strengthens the nervous system, respiratory system, skeletal system, digestive system, immune system, endocrine system, and cardiovascular system. Because yoga tranquilizes mind and heart, opens the chest and lungs, and increases blood flow and oxygen to your body. Because it improves balance, poise, concentration, and willpower. Because it reduces stiffness, deepens the arches of your feet, and reduces fat. Practice yoga because it massages abdominal organs, tones abs, and strengthens all the joints. Practice yoga because it improves stamina and provides natural energy without the use of artificial foods. Practice yoga because it might lift you out of the rut of bad habits and direct your energies into healthier, creative outlets. Practice yoga because you’ll become more present, focusing on the NOW instead of the stuff that comes later. Practice yoga because it is humbling, challenging, and empowering. Practice yoga because it helps with insomnia, depression, and relieves mental sluggishness. Practice yoga because it will increase independence, determination, and self control. Because it is practically free. And because you can do it everywhere, at any time, and with any one.


Here are 20 more specific reasons to dive into the world of YOGA 

  • The Physical Benefits:

Lose weight

Improves flexibility

Tones and strengthens your muscles

Improves balance

Improves posture

Decreases blood pressure

Improves blood circulation

Stretches muscles

Helps with digestion

Alleviates mild back pain

Ease mild neck pain

Improves overall brain function

Strengthen the bones and increase bone density

Improves lung capacity

Improves metabolism

  • The Spiritual and Mental Benefits:

Alleviate mild depression

Reduce stress and anxiety

Increase energy levels and decrease fatigue

Achieve mental calmness

Improve sleeping habits

Improve a lackluster sex life

Help manage stress

Increase self-confidence

Decrease experiences of anger, fear, and frustration

Foster a healthy body image

Feel like part of a community

Yoga doesn’t just take place on the mat, everything you learn through yoga is applicable to LIFE. It is NOT a destination. It is a journey- a jubilant, joyous journey. Applying yoga to your daily lifestyle can be LIFE-CHANGING. Yoga is a journey that will bring you closer to yourself, closer to your purpose, closer to humanity. Yoga is a journey that will help you achieve inner peace and bring you countless rewards. So, start your practice with an open heart and a present mind.