Perfection is defined as the condition, state, or quality of being as free as possible from flaws or defects. Achieving perfection in something means you have completed it in a way that could not be better. Perfection means improving until you are faultless.

I believe our ultimate journey lies in progress, in getting better, in improving, and in taking hurdles and obstacles in stride. I believe we are all a work in progress and therefore, on a never-ending journey towards perfection. I believe our lives are in divine order and bring us new situations “right on time.”

I believe we need to redefine the word perfection in our own term. The perfection we seek should fit our own purpose–not someone else’s. You see, we were created on time and we will leave on time. And every hand we’ve been dealt along the way serves as a blessing, a lesson, or both. Our soul continues to transform and will ultimately be free. Meanwhile, society has taught us to hate our defaults. Society encourages us to change our flaws. Sadly, this is all just a ploy. A ploy to get us to buy into whatever new product or method is “hot” for “getting better” THEIR way.

Let’s learn to buy into our OWN idea of perfection.

When you begin your yoga journey you will learn that it is so much more than just moving your body around and becoming limber. You will learn the philosophy of yoga. You will want to apply it in all areas of your life. You will learn to use yoga to grow and improve, not just physically, but in your professional and personal life as well. Your emotional and spiritual well-being will soar.

This website is dedicated to that purpose. It is meant to teach some of the philosophy of yoga and how we can improve by applying this ancient practice to our modern lives.

The journey to perfection means you are seeking to improve ALL areas of your life. It means you are choosing excellence over mediocrity. It means you will take the necessary steps to improve. It means you are going to practice proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, proper thinking and meditation. Yes, each department is just as important as the other and absolutely necessary in order to attain a higher standard of health and wellbeing.  After all, excellence is a reward in and of itself.

Practice Yoga. Be at peace. Be present.